Lassan - The coast pearl near Usedom

Construction of 43 Marina Apartments and
15 Baltic Sea Apartments  

Marina Apartments

The 43 Marina Apartments are being built on the most beautiful plot of land directly of the Marina (port). These are the two properties “An der Fischergasse” and “An der Langen Straße”, located at the port. Divided into three buildings, each with three floors 43 Apartments will be built. These apartments are built barrier-free, equipped with balcony and a lift. The size of the apartments is between 34 and 75 m²., resulting in a total area of 2.004,50 m². A building permit is already available.

Baltic Sea Apartments

The Baltic Sea apartments are being built on the “Lange Straße” property, which is also close to the coast. The two buildings can be accessed via the older building at “Lange Straße 23”. On this property 15 apartments with an area of 54 m² each are being built in two building blocks and on two floors. The total living space in these two buildings is approx. 810 m². A building permit for this project is also available here, so that construction can start immediately.

Pictures from the picturesque old town Lassan

Location Description

The small picturesque and romantic town of Lassan right on the Baltic Sea coast meets practically all the requirements for the holiday right by the sea or for living there permanently. With around 1500 inhabitants, Lassan is the third smallest town in Mecklenburg Western Pomerania. And one of the smallest towns in Germany. The place belongs to the district of Vorpommern Greifswald and is managed by the office of Peenestrom based in Wolgast.

The rural surroundings of Lassan and its districts are surrounded by forests, fields, meadows and lakes and form the Lassaner Winkel. Lassan is the easternmost end point of the Vorpommersche Dorfstraße holiday route and is on the Via Baltica pilgrimage route which leads from Usedom via Greifswald to Osnabrück. The coastal region is the part of the Usedom Island Nature Park and the Peenetal River, Landscape Nature Park. The small town of Lassan offers great potential for the future of the tourist industry and vacationers on the Baltic Sea off the Island of Usedom.

Pictures from the romantic little port of Lassan


The small town of Lassan has a well structured and varied infrastructure and all facilities for the daily life are available, which means that basic services are very good. Consequently, the infrastructure ist good enough to be able to live well in Lassan in a long term. For lovers of the Baltic Sea, the idea of creating long.term housing was obvious.

Purchase of land and development

The plots consist of several parcels of building land, garden and grassland, with a total area of 14.830 m². Almost 11.000 m² of this can be built on. A total of 5 projects can be realized. These projects will be realized in 2 construction phases. In phase 1 the plots with 43 apartments listed in the table under point 1 and 2 are built first and the 15 apartments under point 9. In the 2nd construction phase, the three projects in the table under points 6, 8 and 11 will be implemented.

Maps by Lassan for better orientation